Trade shows guide

budowa stoisk targowych
Using one booth for several events is always to your advantage. You can cut down the price when you keep in mind the following principles:

– the more the area of the exhibit space is approximately the same at all events, the lower the cost,

– the wall arrangement (e.g. an island with two or three sides open) should be the same or as similar as possible,

– the main wall should have the same dimensions at all events,

– multiple-use materials should be used for constructing the stand,

– storage is best left to the contractor. Before each event we inspect the stand, clean it and repair any possible damage.

– site of the fair or event (Poland or abroad),

– area of the exhibition space reserved,

– type of stand: modular (PREMIUM), system (ECONOMY), multi-story.

Modular (PREMIUM) stand – constructed from furniture boards covered with high impact polystyrene (HIPS) or laminate allows for creative design, innovative construction solutions, unique conceptual proposals and original accessories. PREMIUM stand is more expensive but at the same time attracts much more attention.

System (ECONOMY) stand – constructed from aluminum profiles (MAXIMA) and aluminum trusses with metal elements either visible or masked by foil covered PVC. Although such construction limits innovative solutions, many customers find its low price much to their satisfaction.

Multi-story stand – a multi-level construction involves time-consuming assembly (3 days minimum) but provides a more private space for conducting negotiations with clients.

The sooner the better.

Three months in advance is the optimum time to draft a project, choose its executor, settle on details, sign an agreement, prepare construction elements and graphics, etc.

However, when there’s just a month left to the fair, it is still possible to prepare the stand if both sides are truly committed to the undertaking.

At the constructor’s. Why?

– most convenient,
– no responsibility for possible damages to the stand during transport and storage,
– guaranteed inspection and cleaning of the stand’s elements before trade fairs,
– low storage costs.